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Treasure Finds Photo's

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Treasure Finds Photo's
Treasure Finds Photo's
Alabama Ghost Towns
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On this page , are More of my finds !

One of the fantastic things about this hobby, is that you never know what you will find!


Civil War Relics

These civil war relics were found on a battle site in south alabama!
Pictured are a confederate belt plate, uniform button and a half of a pair of sissors.


Slave relics!

This photo of a handle from a cast iron cookpot , the mantle from an oil lamp and minnie ball were found at the site of a slave cabin destroyed during a civil war battle.

The Journey of Tears

My heart is saddened by the great mistreatment of the American Indian! If you happen upon the site of our first American citizens, Please treat it with dignity and respect!


Native American artifacts!

This iron tomahawk head and pieces of broken pottery, were dug from the site of an ancient indian villlage in alabama..


Coin Finds!

Here are just a few of over 300 coins that I have found this year in one local park.. All were found with my Bounty Hunter metal detector.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

Alabama Ghost Towns