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To Find Real Old Coins,  Sometimes you need to think a little differently, especially when hunting areas that others have gone over repeatedly. One way to do that is to search the areas others have not. Often you need to run your coil over places you wouldn't normally think to look. This isn't a secret for finding old coins but it can increase your finds and the odds of picking up some older coins. Here are a few suggestions:
Hillsides...Not many people will hunt off balance yet I've found plenty of keepers in areas you couldn't believe. Generally they are shallow too. In my part of the state there are plenty of steep hillsides. How things got lost there I'll never know,but I can tell you that it's worth the effort. Some of my best coin finds have been on a hillside!
Edges of parks and playgrounds! Everyone heads for the swings, the old oak, the pavilion. I head for the overgrown borders, the places where people might duck out of sight to relieve themselves. I found some nice coins and a number of rings just inside the wooded and overgrown areas along the edges of grasy urban parks.
Along the base of stone walls. You might need a small coil to work these tight areas. Often coins get lodged between rocks and you need to work your loop into small cracks and crevices.
Under sidewalks that are being torn up or city streets that are being widened. People of long ago that populated the area walked on dirt before everything was paved. Find the spots where the concrete is being removed to repair water, gas, sewer lines or where a new bridge is being built. A quick scan of the dirt piles can reveal some amazing finds.
In short, try to train yourself to see beyond the obvious. Avoid the most likely places because everyone hunts there. Check out a few spots where you wouldn't think to detect. Become a positive thinker and you'll find things in places you would'nt expect.
I once found some very nice mercury dimes, in front of an old torn down beer parlor!
You will find plenty of the newer clad coins, but don't  shun them. You never know, the very next one may be an old valuable coin!
Old fairgrounds and drive-in theatres are great places to look as are also ball parks, camp grounds etc.
Everywhere people have been, they have lost something.


The US goverment estimates that there is more money lost, than there is in circulation!