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Treasure Finds Photo's
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Welcome to My World of Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting!



Hello, my name is George (Kernel) Corn. I live in the state of Alabama,and have been involved in the great hobby of metal detecting,for many years.I am also an amatuer radio operator and amatuer astronomer and enjoy flying radio controlled helicopters and airplanes. It is amazing, how far electronics have come over the last few years! I started out using a radio shack detector, that I built from a kit and then I purchased an old D-tex BFO type detector and over the years, have owned a D-tex TR,Whites Coinmaster 5000D,2 Radio Shack, 2 Garrett detectors . I presently am using a Bounty Hunter "Quick Draw".  Being a history buff, I have hunted for civil war relics every chance I got and been very successful. I also love hunting old house sites for relics.

More recently,since purchasing my Bounty Hunter, I have been coin hunting old parks and school grounds. As is true with any metal detector,this one has taken a lot of practice, but is doing a great job, having found coins as deep as 10".

On my photo pages,I have included  photos of some of my finds, found in just a few months, most of which were found in a very old local park also some of civil war battle field finds. I am convinced that research, patience and practice are the secrets to successful metal detecting. No matter how expensive or the brand of detector you use, "The Detector is no better than the operators ability to use it"

Also remember if you are new to the hobby, "Don't Get Frustrated and Give Up" and  I have found it is always best to use Earphones!

TIPS: (I do this with every metal detector)

A great way to practice,is to make a test garden!

On a good clean spot of ground, at different depths, bury several coins of different denominations and even a nail or pull tab. Make note of their locations. Now "PRACTICE" finding these items and pinpointing them, by slowly moving the searchcoil in an "X" fashion across the object. Make a mental note of the exact point the detector "beeps"and listen to the different tones. You should find the object in the center of the coil area.

If you still have problems pinpointing your find, you might try turning down your detectors sensitivity! "I found this to really help me pinpoint with my Bounty Hunter"

Highly Mineralized soil can give false indications and cause a lot of problems for a detectorist, so you might want to use some discrimination for coin hunting,but not to much.You can loose some depth range and miss some gold and iron relic items! I have found that a signal that is not constantly repeatable and irratic is usually a "junk" Item.

However, If you want to be sure and don't mind the effort, "DIG IT". With time you will get familiar with the different sounds and your detector. Remember!  "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT"


Remember to always ask permission before hunting other people's land! "You would'nt want someone coming on your land and digging holes everywhere!

When you dig, refill the hole neatly and never leave trash behind! Who knows? you might want to go back again!

When curious people come around asking questions,be respectful and chat with them. We don't need anymore "anti treasurehunters"! There are some that would love to see our hobby outlawed!

"Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do unto You"

Metal detecting and treasure hunting is a great hobby but many people don't understand your motives. They picture someone who is probably "strange" and going to dig holes all over an make the ground look like a war has just taken place there! So always ask permission to hunt the property if possible, and be polite. Always respect property rights and dig as small a hole as necessary and then "refill it". Try to make it appear as it was before you arrived on the scene! You might want to go back again.

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How Metal Detectors Work!

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